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X-Pand Sound Mastering studio was founded in 2008 by Adrien Sauvaget, a Musician and professionnal Sound Engineer with over fifteen years of experience. The studio rapidly gained a reputation of high quality in its field.

Having the ability to work on any musical style, our approach will take care of all the previous phases of your project : recording and mixing, but also composition and arrangement. Moreover, the acoustically treated room, the accurate monitoring system and the high-end equipment all contribute to obtaining the best possible results..



A combination of High end Analog and Digital tools

Monitoring System : FOCAL PRO SM9

Converters & Clock : Lynx HILO Reference AD DA converter System

Mastering Console :
The "S"witcher Custom Mastering Console
SPL PQ Precision 120 Volt Mastering EQ
SPL Passeq Passive 120 Volt Mastering EQ
Manley Variable MU Mastering Compressor
SPL MS Master Mid-Side Device.

DAW & Plugins : Steinberg Wavelab, Cubase, Graveur Plextor & Plextool Professionnal, UAD Powered Plugins (Precision series, SHMC, Fairchild, Millenia), Apeq, DDMF Linear Phase EQ.



From Los Angeles to Hong Kong, through Paris, London or Berlin, we have worked in particular with :

Adama Cissoko, Aglory, Alesia, Alphaat, Anna Kova, Armelle Ita, Artikal Step, Aucan, Ayuna, Boom boom distortion, Balkansky, Baccherini, Baxter Beez, Benedetto & Farina, Buygore, Border Grime, Blastcore, Broadrush, Budju, Caterva, Cayce Music, Chateau Bruyant Rec, D-BangerZ, D' de Kabal, Dirty Zblu, Dizzylez

Destroid, Downlink, Dr.Ozi, Dubsidia, Entek, Excision, Fen-X, Fleur, Flore, Foetur, Fowatile, Ghostdance, Godisdead, Flipsong, Franco Mannara, Goulven K, Habstrakt, Harikiri, L'Herbe Folle, Heavy Artillery Rec, High Tone, Hit The Curb, Hypno5e, Iphaze, Ian Dailleurs, Jenski beats, Jesus is my girlfriend, Joulik, Joe La Mouk

Karma, Kantyze, Kid Olson, K-mi, Mr KS, Ktdr1, La Machine à découdre, Laids crétins des alpes, Lokid, La Jeanne, Luna, Le catcheur et la pute, Matta, Mark Scotto, MC2, Mayor Ape Shit, Mectoob, Merci Marlène, Messinian, MiM, Mind, Namogodine, Never Say Die Rec, Neus, Nikitch, Niveau Zero, Nobelium, Noize Dealer

Oai Star, Orfaz, Oshi, Pelvis Douglas, Dj Pfel, Royal fato combo, The Real Macoy, Rottun Rec, Sehbe As, Silent Frequencies, Smooth, SnapCrack, Sicaa, Stepz, Stereo Heroes, Tambour Battant, Telmini, The Unik, Tigerz, Tnem, Verlatour, Virus Syndicate, Vocali, Von Dizzle, Wamo, The Wobbler, Whopper, Yanneck & Electricat, YYVNG, Zedrine, ZoB' and many more...



Our work is tailored to suit your needs and, most importantly, your music. It is possible to work either in Stereo Mastering (Classic Mastering) or in Multitrack Mastering (Stem Mastering). Rates are based on hours worked, which is the most legitimate shot to everyone. It is possible to attend the session, or to work via the Internet (E-Mastering) which benefits from a discount on the total price.

An "album package" is also proposed, including: Stereo Mastering (Classic Mastering) up to 12 tracks + The "Audio Montage" in Redbook Format + 1 standard listening CD + 1 Special CD analysed and ready for manufacturing or 1 DDP File Format (Internet Transfer file format). Mastering for Vinyl is also possible under certain conditions, thanks to the compliance with today's standards.

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